Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Losing Grip

I'm so lost, I lost everyone I love and I let go the one's that care about me the most.
People taught that I'm always the happy kiddo, but the thing is if they look at me with their heart they will find I'm just full of sorrow.
I cry a lot, I'm always frustrated with myself but I never tell anyone about this.
they might think I'm weak, and I hate it.

People change and it hurts the most when people that you love changed.
I feel like drowning and I'm so helpless.
It hurts because they leave you hanging and makes you feel like invisible.
I can say that I'm HAPPY, but that probably the greatest lie ever.

So, here I am, the real me talking about the shit of my life.
I'm so fake, I don't tell people what I feels, I laugh when I need and not when I want to.
I hide my feelings and let other's judge me.
I just want somebody to talk too.

I am Blog Rebel

I am Blog Rebel, and this is my Blog and also the place that listen to me the most.